Message to Palestine: Wed Yourself to Russia And IRAN; the UN is a Paper Tiger

176 Nations at UN call for Palestinian Statehood

by TUT editor

Speaks with Forked Tongue!

ed note–all persons devoted to justice and human rights can understand and sympathize with the emotions involved in all of this, but as we caution here on a daily basis, people need to understand that it is exactly this kind of emotionalism that Judea, Inc will use to her advantage.

176 Nations–WOW, talk about muscle. And God bless those nations who recognize the Palestinians’ rights to their own nation and who recognize Israel for being the thieving menace to world peace that she is.

But keep in mind how many other times large numbers of nations have gotten together and signed onto some pro-Palestinian resolution that resulted in NOTHING. Pro-Palestinian activists love to throw up the fact that all these UN resolutions have been passed, not realizing how impotent their argument appears when they do so, given that nothing has changed, other than the Jewish state gobbling up more land.

The UN is not going to do anything vis a vis the Palestinian situation. It never has. Remember that it was the UN that was used as the vehicle for dividing up Palestine and giving the lion’s share of everything to the thieving Hebrews in the first place.

No one who is concerned about the Palestinians should pay an ounce of lip service to this latest act on the part of the 176 nations. It is symbolic and will go nowhere, as everything at the UN does, the only exception being those actions which result in Arab/Muslim countries like Iraq and Libya being destroyed.

The Palestinians need to wed themselves to those places where REAL, sovereign, and visible power resides–Iran and Russia–and tell everyone else that they can take a running jump straight into hell. Read more of this post

My Comment:  The US funds about 80% of the UN and does what it likes and funds Israel as well.  We are so willing to fund Israel and the UN that the US is collapsing economically and US infrastructure is collapsing as well.  We always have money for Israel and Israel’s war but Americans will soon be getting used to austerity and a third world country is Trump is couped.  He is our LAST HOPE economically wanting to work with Russia & China or so he says.  Words are cheap.  Actions speak!

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