Clearly America Has No Right to Pick Its Own President With out Jewish Approval

As first Predicted here on TUT– ‘Will Jerry Nadler Lead Trump Impeachment Hearings?’

by TUT editor

ed note–As we discussed in the case of Sen. Al Frankenstein’s political demise, John Conyer’s sudden fall from grace was more than likely not the result of Trump’s Hurricane Harvey, but rather the result of machinations put into motion by Judea, Inc who wanted Nadler in as the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee where all impeachment business begins.

Recall that it was Nadler who was the very first member of Congress to begin stoking the fires of Trump’s impeachment a mere few weeks after Trump took office and that he–along with fellow Hebrew Congresscreature Steve Cohen from Tenneseee–very publicly announced he would not attend Trump’s inauguration as he considered Trump to be an ‘illegitimate’ President.

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