If U.S. is Out as Mideast Broker, Guess What, Bad Vlad is In!

Trump’s Jerusalem fumble: If the U.S. is out as a Mideast broker, who’s in?

by TUT editor

If the White House hoped to coerce Palestinians (and the world) into a peace settlement, it faces a rude awakening

ed note–as we have pointed out here on numerous occasions, there is more to Trump’s ‘Jerusalem’ declaration than simply him being ‘owned by the Jews’, a simple fact of reality that will become apparent once people stop reacting with their emotions and start thinking with their brains.

The notion that somehow, by some stroke of fate, Trump did not know that all the tumult that has erupted since his ‘declaration’ was forthcoming is simply a theory that has no basis in reality. The United States is (for the moment) the world’s lone superpower, and along with that, has a diplomatic corps represented by–not just thousands, but) TENS of thousands of diplomatic professionals. These people did not get their education at trade schools or from reading Tom Clancey novels. Many (most) of them have advanced degrees going all the way up to multiple PhDs in International Relations and with a focus on whatever particular part of the world–in this case the Middle East–to which their particular duties are assigned and who know the history and the psychology governing these regions as well as the people living there.

That being said, the notion that somehow Trump was not warned by these people ahead of time of the upheaval and tumult that would inevitably result from the US recognizing (part of) Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is simply not plausible. Trump knew all of this well ahead of time and in fact, banked on it as part of his strategy in tearing down the old structures in favor of building new ones. 

Yes, I know all you geniuses and experts out there who have invested a great deal of emotion and personal self-worth in the various positions you have taken up as part of your identity politics absolutely HATE IT when someone comes along with a rational explanation to things such as this that seem to contradict the various themes which form the tartan fabric of whatever ‘clan’ in which you hold membership, but unfortunately, being part of the ‘truth movement’ does require a certain amount of adherence to that ‘T’ word that at times can be problematic when it seems to contradict assertions and dogmatic positions that are based more on a group’s emotionalism than in fact.

Yes, Trump’s ‘Jerusalem’ declaration was done deliberately in order to put the events in motion that the entire world is witnessing right now. The Muslim world, made up of almost 2 BILLION PEOPLE are now speaking (almost) with one voice. All the Zionist-concocted artificial splits, sides, factions, etc, between Shia and Sunni, Arab and Persian, etc, etc, etc, are (at least for the moment) GONE. Iran, which has made Jerusalem (Al Quds) the centerpiece of its foreign policy protocol is now standing tall and looking good. Turkey has all but abandoned the West in favor of friends further to the east. Israel smells like the lump of fly infested fecal matter that it is, and America is seen as an unreliable broker in bringing about a resolution to this problem, and the inevitability of all of this, we can assure you, was explained to Trump far in advance of his declaration and those who say Trump did all of this simply because he is ‘owned by d’Jooz’ shouldn’t be relied upon for political analysis anymore than they should be trusted to perform brain surgery.

Please note what our writer/analyst has to say about just who is the likely candidate for brokering a resolution to this seemingly interminable conflict–

‘The Russian case is interesting. Moscow has for years tried intermittently to assume a role in the Mideast settlement process. While it enjoys good relations with many Muslim nations and (not to be missed) also with Israel, its efforts have never been to much effect. But conditions have changed. Moscow’s success in preventing the collapse of government in Damascus, as many have noted, has lent the Russians a new prominence in the region. Last April, in an apparent effort to engender a new, more substantive phase in the Mideast peace process, Moscow indicated it would be willing to recognize West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital so long as East Jerusalem went similarly to the Palestinians. To be noted: This is now the OIC’s position, which appears to leave open the possibility of Russian-mediated negotiations.

And so, the (strategic) question that needs to be asked here is as follows–Why would Trump set in motion a series of events that he knew well ahead of time would result in the US being cut out of the negotiation process if indeed it has been his goal from the beginning to secure the ‘ultimate deal’ in bringing peace to the region?

2 word answer–Vladimir Putin.

It is somewhere between possible and probable that Trump has (with good reason) concluded that given the current political climate in America where he is forced to spend 25 out of every 24 hours in a day dealing with Judea, Inc’s incessant efforts at undermining his presidency that it is somewhere between doubtful and impossible for him to do anything substantive in terms of his much-discussed ‘ultimate deal’. He can’t even implement security decisions related to immigration, something which is completely within his powers to do as spelled out EXPLICITLY within US Law, specifically the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 which reads as follows–

‘Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.’

And so with this in mind, he (along with the denizens of advisors he has helping him do his thinking) has more than likely decided that it is better to pass the baton to someone better positioned than he is at the moment to get this job done before the current mood passes quietly into the night.

Yeah, I know, it is so much easier to just say ‘Trump is owned by djooz’ and then leave it at that, but then, where would all the ‘truth’ in the ‘truth movement’ be if we were to just decide on checkers rather than chess?

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