Al Franken Was the Democratic Jewish Congressman Who Didn’t Want to Impeach Trump So They (Deep State Zionists) Made Example of Him!

LOL!!! Anti-Trumpers claim ‘Putin wanted Franken out of Senate and engineered his political downfall’

by TUT editor

ed note–Franken was one of the ONLY voices on the Democratic side of the Senate, and indeed the ONLY Jewish voice on the left who was very loudly against the impeachment of Trump for fear of a Pence presidency. Neither Trump nor Putin, despite whatever political differences they may have had with Franken, were/are served well by Franklin’s being drummed out.

The only, repeat–ONLY–entity who gains from him being eliminated are those forces out to remove Trump and install a more pliable Pence who will do their bidding, and here’s a clue –it isn’t Trump and it isn’t Putin. Franken was a fly in the J-ointment and had to be made into an example of what the rest can expect if they don’t play ball with Judea, Inc’s plans.

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My Comment:  Feature pic is of whom really runs the United States (Zionist Occupied Gov) and the World!

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