Beginning of the End for Israel Video…………………………………Jerusalem Move…………………..

Nasrallah on Trump’s Jerusalem move: ‘This is the beginning of the end for Israel’ (VIDEO)

by TUT editor


ED-NOTE – To nobody’s surprise, Nasrallah has come to the exact same conclusion we have and is saying what we have been saying as soon as President Trump made his earthshaking ‘Jerusalem Declaration’, which, we believe, will have far reaching consequences, perhaps second only to the Balfour Declaration, which 100 years anniversary had just been ‘celebrated’ by the Jews worldwide.  It is unlikely that the timing is coincidental and, in terms of consequences, we can already characterize it as an ‘anti-Balfour Declaration’.

That being said, we must now ask the most ‘enlightened’ and ‘purest souls’ among the Muslims who call us liars and ‘Trump worshipers’: would you dare say that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, like the Iranian Defense Minister and President Putin, has also become a ‘Trump worshiper’ for saying what we have been saying all along?

“I say with confidence and certainty, relying on the most elementary logic which says that 1 + 1 = 2, the current equations, the acquired victories, the rules of confrontation, the capabilities that are currently being prepared, the resurgent Resistance Axis putting the Palestinian cause as a focus, the developments taking place in the world, and the trust in the promise of God Exalted and Most High, Trump’s decision will be the beginning of the end for Israel.”


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