By Fasting & Minimizing Lectins 90% of Patients Saw Complete Remission


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Sure To Be the Next Big Thing in Healthy Living?

You make it a priority to eat healthy, organic and sustainable foods, which is admirable and sure to be a boon for your health. But what about this invisible hazard you likely surround yourself with, without a second thought? It just takes a simple tweak to sidestep it.

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fasting minimize lectins can benefit health
By Avoiding These Foods, 90 of 102 Patients Saw Complete Remission

And it all occurred within just a six-month period. Yet they are often considered healthy, containing beneficial micronutrients and polyphenols. So how do you achieve a healthy balance, and know exactly what to eat?

roasted duck recipe
This Healthy Duck Recipe Is Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you’re celebrating an important milestone or just want a comforting meal, try this delectable roasted duck recipe. The dish’s Asian flavors, particularly its paleo hoisin sauce, elevate this well-loved protein to the next level.

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Government Falsifies Warning on Kratom to Protect Opioids

This agency has issued a public health advisory against the plant kratom, which some are using to treat pain in lieu of opioids. But a consumer group says the agency’s advisory is not only unwarranted but filled with false statements and misinformation.

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Decay-Proof Your Teeth, With a Hand From This Herb

Unlike fluoride, this herb’s tooth mineralization benefits and antibacterial capacity are actually proven. Combine it with these guidelines gathered from studying indigenous tribes, and you have a far better plan than most dentists dish out.

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A Monumental Threat to Your Health That Is Mostly Ignored

If you want to see this renowned doctor who is one of my mentors, you’ll first need to agree to address this health-wrecking factor, it’s that destructive. While it may be off the radar for nearly all other doctors, it shouldn’t be off yours if you want to recover from and help avoid just about any chronic disease.

Top Pet Article
Top Pet Article
Favorite Household Products You Should Pitch in the Trash Today

Do you use them to add ambiance to your home? Seventy-five percent of people in this country do. But watch out. They emit carcinogenic chemicals linked to respiratory issues, DNA damage and more. Which can send your pet’s (and your) health into a tailspin of dreadful health issues.

Top Gardening Article
Top Gardening Article
Just a Half Cup of This Could Fend Off All Kinds of Health Snares

Contains a substance called intybin, a digestive aid – as well as kaempferol, an apoptosis-inducing flavonoid. Ranks No. 13 on one list of top super fruits and vegetables. It’s wild looking and easily confused with lettuce. But one bite will quickly tell you it’s not lettuce, here’s why.

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