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Wave of cyber attacks poised to take down U.S. power infrastructure
A wave of cyberattacks is already under way, having taken out the LA Times newspaper printing factory yesterday, and likely caused the explosion at the NY LaGuardia airport a few days earlier.Now, cybersecurity experts are warning this is only the beginning. A massive wave of cyber attacks is poised to take down the U.S. power grid, plunging the nation into chaos.Read the full story here.Also today: The media is burying the truth about illegals bringing HIV, hepatitus and tuberculosis to the USA. It’s yet another cover-up.Find the details here.

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More of Today’s ArticlesThe science behind curcumin’s healing properties
Turmeric’s long history as a culinary spice dates all the way back to 2,500 years before Christ. This bright yellow, strongly flavored spice has also been used since at least 500 B.C.E. as an …
An introduction to chronic fatigue syndrome: What it is, how to prevent it, and natural ways to treat it
If you are always tired, even after taking a good long rest, you could be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. A Life Force Homeopathy article offered some tips on how to avoid it, as well as …
Sea salts found to be contaminated by dangerous microplastics, reveals shocking study
A study published in Scientific Reportsshowed that sea salt samples contain trace amounts of microplastics. Experts define microplastics as plastic particles smaller than five millimeters. …
Breaking study reveals dairy products to be healthy for your heart
If you think you know everything there is to know about food that is healthy for your heart, think again. According to results from the observational Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiological …
Before Trump became President, “open borders” Democrats like Chuck Schumer called for stronger border security
Democrats are so opposed to President Donald Trump’s push to build a border wall along most of the U.S.-Mexico border they are willing to deny his funding requests and allow the government to be …
Common pesticides sprayed on decorative flowers confirmed to cause serious neurological problems in children
The next time you want to “say it with flowers,” you may want to think twice. While bouquets are considered a heartfelt symbol of love and affection all around the world, new research …
Democrats leap to blame Trump for death of sick immigrant boy, even after his father denied CBP medical treatment
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials have documented an immigrant’s father saying that his son felt better after vomiting, and that he was declining further medical treatment …
Canine racism alive and well at the TSA as “pointy-eared” dogs get banned because snowflake children find them “scary”
The next time you spot a security dog at the airport, chances are it’ll be some kind of cuddly breed with floppy ears. That’s because the U.S. Transportation Security Administration …
Strategies to eat less when you eat out
Eating out has become increasingly common nowadays because people are too busy to prepare their own food. Unfortunately, you have less control over the amount of food you’re getting when …

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