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Students demonstrated Friday in Beijing against a change in leadership of a Marxist group at Peking University

NY Times: Students Defiant as Chinese University Cracks Down on Young Communists

REBUTTAL BYA recently published TomatoBubble/ANYT stand-alone, open-to-the-public editorial titled, “An Englishman in China” (here) triggered a big response from “youse guys” — about 90% of it positive. The few dissenters, however, ripped into yours truly pretty hard — suggesting that TB/ANYT had suddenly gone soft on Communism, or somehow forgotten the bloody history of Communist China under Mao Tse Tung. One well-intentioned gentleman even demanded that an “apology” be issued to the readers! The Editorial Board has said it many times before and will repeat again now: China’s retention of the term “Communist” and its propping-up of the image of Mao are just empty gestures — a necessary bowing to the old mythology that is no different that Russia’s continued honoring of “The Great Patriotic War,” or, for that matter, left-leaning America’s empty honoring of Washington, Madison, Jefferson and the 4th of July. Look at the substance, boys and girls — not the symbolism! Right on cue, with perfect timing, this article about China’s crackdown on Marxist college students, illustrates and confirms what we are saying, specifically, that China’s stunning advancement is the direct consequence of market-oriented / culturally conservative fascism — not “Communism.” Indeed, somewhere deep in the pit of Hell, Mao is getting a double-dose of agony by witnessing this. Not surprisingly, in regard to this tussle between the “young Communists” and the Chinese fascist government under Xi Jinping, Sulzberger’s Slimes is siding with the radical Maoist “social justice warrior” commies. Let’s analyze a few excerpts:  
 1 & 2. Be not alarmed by China’s Communist Party label, Red symbolism, and images of Murderous Mao hanging in public squares and on its currency. Old entrenched myths are often, out of necessity, appropriated for new causes. In reality, after Mao’s death in 1976, a faction of true reformers outmaneuvered the hard-core Maoists in a bitter internal struggle. // 3. Xi Jinping was a young man at the time who later rose through the ranks of reformist, pro-business China. Xi is a fascist (a complement) not a “Communist.”
 Slimes: “Students at one of China’s most prestigious universities denounced the government’s efforts to crush a student-led campaign for workers’ rights ….. More than a dozen students from Peking University in Beijing, in a rare rebuke of authority, protested Friday on campus to draw attention to the university’s attempts to punish students for taking part in the campaign.The students are part of a small but tenacious group of young communists using leftist ideology to shine a light on labor abuses across China and to call for better protections for the working class.”Analysis: Typical Alinsky tactics. The “students”  are using “labor rights”  in their pathetic attempt to undermine the government.
Slimes: The students have put the government in an awkward position because they are invoking the teachings of Mao, Marx and Lenin, which President Xi Jinping has championed, to point to problems in Chinese society including inequality, corruption and greed.Analysis: You see that! The commie “students” know that Xi’s lip-service to Mao, Marx and Lenin is not sincere. Xi’s “Communist Party” is not interested in state-imposed Marxist “equality” .  His goal is the progress and advancement of his people, and he’s smart enough to know that a private property driven market — in spite of its unequal outcomes — is the surest way to unleash the creativity and industriousness of a population. 
Slimes: Peking University officials moved swiftly to contain Friday’s protest, holding the students in classrooms and keeping them through the night for questioning, activists said. They were released on Saturday morning.Videos posted online by students showed security guards shoving protesters and teachers grabbing students.Analysis: Good for China, but this version might also be embellished by the “young Communists” as a way of gaining western sympathy. 
Slimes: The stern reaction by the authorities reflects the party’s deep anxieties about the young communists.Analysis: “Deep anxieties?” Keep dreaming! Xi is very popular among young people. Unlike the Red-infested universities of America and Europe, these Marxist malcontents constitute a tiny minority — but you wouldn’t know it from the way the Slimes portrays the situation.Slimes: The party has long feared student-led protests, especially since the 1989 pro-democracy movement, which had deep student involvement and was crushed in a bloody crackdown around Tiananmen Square.Analysis: The exaggerated “massacre” at Tiananmen Square was forced by the CIA-Soros rent-a-mobs. After the crackdown, George Soros’ (cough cough) organizations in China were kicked out.
Slimes: “They don’t want to take any chances about students organizing politically,” said Eli Friedman, a labor scholar at Cornell who in October suspended an exchange program with Renmin University in Beijing because of the recent crackdown.Analysis: Imagine that. An Ivy League egghead named “Friedman” (cough cough) stirring up shit with another country. We’re shocked.  The amazing economic and cultural progress of nationalist China is not to Professor Friedman’s liking. The Cornell Commie sides with the young Maoists instead.
 Slimes: The protest on Friday came after Peking University officials tried to block a Marxist student group from organizing a celebration for Mao’s 125th birthday. On Wednesday, the president of the group, Qiu Zhanxuan, was taken in for questioning by security officials….In celebrating Mao’s birthday this week, for example, they sang socialist anthems and chanted slogans like “Long live Chairman Mao! Long live the working class!”Analysis: We don’t know the full context here because, well, this is The Slimes reporting. But it does seem like China, little by little, is beginning to downplay some of the old Communist symbolism. The Mao persona itself is being co-opted in order to adapt the old mythology for the new era. And that’s got the hard-core purist Marxist-Maoists pissed.Slimes: The university did not respond to requests for comment on Friday.Analysis: Evidently, “the university” doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what a greasy gang of Manhattan Jews has to say about its alleged maltreatment of a small handful of “young Communist” scum. Good for Peking U.!Slimes: “The message is clear,” said Patrick Poon, a researcher at Amnesty International in Hong Kong. “No one can avoid control, even the Marxists.”Analysis: The mere fact that the Globalist criminals of the Soros/CIA “Amnesty International” are propagandizing in favor of the young Maoists and against Xi’s regime, is alone evidence that the “Englishman in China” was right — and that a few of “youse guys” owe TB/ANYT a wee-little apology. (But in light of how PayPal & Amazon & FakeBook have so badly damaged our financial standing, we’ll settle instead for a few much-needed bucks from those of you who haven’t renewed yet, wink,wink– here)  1. Soros is a funder of the anti-China Amnesty International — which is also siding with the “young Communists.”  2 & 3. Notice the difference between China’s 18th National Party Congress (2015) and the 19th National Party Congress (2018)? The traditional communist hammer & sickle was replaced with 5-stars.*  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Communist China is cracking down on Communists.
Boobus Americanus 2 (scratching head): I’m confused.Boobus Americanus 1: Me too.  
  Editor: Communist-In-Name-Only. Good one, baby girl. Stop by and channel to us again next week. Your legions of sycophantic groupies miss you.
St. Sugar: Boobuss, you were born confussed, and sstupid as a frickin’ rock too! Xi Jinping iss a “CINO.”

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