On Trump’s IRAN Sanctions

An Elephant in a China Shop

Making foreign policy in accordance with Benjamin Netanyahu and in bringing nepotism to the White House in the form of son-in-law Jared Kushner, the deranged Donald Trump is simply soaking up some bad advice.

Kushner serves Zionist interest of Greater Israel, not a Make America Great Again policy for his father in law. Deciding to get out of the Iranian deal to please his campaign contributors, like the casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, Trump has became an agitator in a dangerous ploy we now see unfolding one that Saudi Arabia against Iran and Lebanon. The fuse of the power keg is lit again.

Trump and Iran

Iran fulfilled all obligations, but with the new Trump’s Administration, the deal failed to materialize – thanks to Kushner, whose roots stretched from Belarus, where he still has a grandmother. The billionaire Kushner frequently visits his granny’s modest house along with his wife Ivanka and their children.

North Korea began negotiations with Germany and Russia to stop their nuclear aspirations, but have seen how easily the U.S. can pull from previous promises, like Iran. North Korea then stopped their negotiations with the Russians and Germans. The EU is opposed to Donald Trump’s actions on this matter, and on Iran, where many European multinationals, like French oil giant Total SA have financial stakes.

Trump recently approved an extension of Iranian sanctions for another year. It was applauded by the usual suspects. The sanctions were first imposed way back in 1979. Tedious negotiations with the UN, Russia and the EU resulted on promises to lift the sanctions in order for Iran to give up its Iranian nuclear initiative under the Obama administration. Now it has been scrapped or close to it.

Kushner the Zionist

Kushner is a Zionist like the notorious hawk, Netanyahu, who for years tried to shred Iran to pieces. Due to Kushner’s influence on Trump, his goal seems reinvigorated as it was under George W. Bush.

Iran has now decided to get out of its obligation to give up nuclear weapons. It’s their only guarantee to keep Israel at bay from their Shia allies, primarily in Lebanon. Israel and Lebanon have territorial disputes in the Golan Heights.

Trump suddenly changed the promise he gave during his Presidential campaign not to interfere with other sovereign countries, has him gaining detractors among friends and voters who are not happy with his politics.

Even long-time Hillary Clinton worshipers and devotees backed her besides learning about her lies. Some of them openly cried when Trump won the election. According to leaked information from the DNC, Hillary stole votes from Bernie Sanders. It didn’t stop her supporters to dig dirt and eventually concoct the dossier on Trump with the help of a British spy, Christopher Steele. The dossier was smuggled covertly by Senator McCain, a close comrade of Hillary Clinton. They both share the love for bloodshed, supporting any given war. The dossier burned the hands of former FBI Director James Comey, who was soon fired by Donald Trump. The whole hoopla was aimed at impeaching Trump at any cost. If not by impeachment, there is an Amendment 25 in the U.S. codex that allows removing President in case he is sick or mentally unstable.


I am afraid that Pence, an avid neocon, could take his seat and continue his legacy.

Worth noting Senator McCain for once actually cheered Trump after his announcement that he was pulling the U.S. out of the deal with Iran.

Here is a man who vehemently opposes Trump on everything this year. Healthcare reform: negative. Immigration order: no support. Both men hate each other passionately, but found a common ground sitting on a powder keg. Says a lot. The war party in America always counted on to unite friend and foe.

Iran is now an enemy again. Saudi Arabia is tag-teaming with Israel to dump on Lebanon, an Iranian vassal state in their view. What could possibly go wrong?

Trump has a big family and many grandchildren. Would he let them perish along with all of us? Is he so mad?

Then there is Russia, another Iran ally, which will not appreciate a Middle Eastern war raging between the Arabs and Persians. Trump also infuriated Russians by letting the FBI break into their diplomatic residencies owned by the Russian Federation. Not only did they search them without a permit, they took flags out from the Russian Consulates in San Francisco and New York.

It’s pure provocation. The flag was placed on the Russian diplomatic property to represent the country!

I believe Putin must retaliate hard to stop this bull in a China shop. Enough of unworkable diplomacy!

Trump “doesn’t give a rat’s ass” how Russia treated American diplomats with kindness by inviting their children to the Kremlin’s Christmas celebration, while Obama sent home 35 diplomats a day before Christmas. See the difference? Putin displayed a healthy diplomacy, but the U.S. didn’t appreciate his class act and it was perceived as his weakness.

It took nine months for him to react to the U.S. sanction with Putin banning 750 American diplomats and their staff. Half of those banned were spy agents, Russians knew and tolerated them, showing Americans good will to host them, until Obama turned things around and accused Russian diplomats of being spies. The accusations were regarded by the Putin administration as aggression from the U.S. and vice versa.

It’s time to retaliate on every provocation with mirroring actions.

Abort the space program with Americans now, since they imposed sanctions on the Russian businessmen in order to empty Russians’ bank accounts held in the U.S.

Sources on Space: Why did Russia partner in this program after American imposed sanctions?

Sources on illegal frozen accounts

The U.S proved to be racketeers, first seizing a few diplomatic compounds and holding the two Russian consulates hostage. You welcomed Trump, supposedly elected by the “Russian Hackers.”   Thanks for the honor, but no, Russians didn’t do it. Period. It was an inside job.

Since I began writing this essay, the raging typhoon devastated Vietnam, destroying 116 houses. Ninety were accounted among the dead and many are missing. While Russia sent a Humanitarian help to Vietnam, plus financial assistance in the sum of five billion dollars, the U.S. sent 4.5 billion dollars to Ukraine in the shape of lethal weapons.

Putin and Trump gave each other congratulatory back slaps in Vietnam. Trump says he feels he would get along with Putin. But then push comes to shove, if there is a greater Middle East war, one that serves the interests of Israel, using the Sunni Shia infighting as useful idiots. Putin could turn to favor Iran. We know who the U.S. will favor. And then instead of getting the neocon’s dream of a proxy war with the Russians in Syria in a regime change narrative that has no end, we will get one in Iran instead. My bet is that would be even worse than getting bogged down in a fistfight over Syria.

November 11, 2017

James B. MacGuffin

My Comment:  U.S. is a Zionist Infested Government and they are the Synagogue of Satan!


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