Kanye West appeared as a guest on the Drink Champs podcast. It was a prerecorded show with the first part of it getting uploaded sometime last night.

I have no idea if some of what he said was edited out, removed or whatever. Even if some of what he said wasn’t included in the final upload, he said a bunch of stuff about the Jews that was definitely not edited out. He kept talking about the Jewish media and his many problems with the Jews in general.

This was some of the most heavy handed criticism of the Jews I have seen from anybody who has been allowed mainstream celebrity status inside this Jewish system. Clips of his appearance are being spread everywhere around social media.

Here he is talking about the Jewish media blocking him and how JP Morgan Chase treated him like shit even though he had $140 million with them in an account.


Here he is talking about the Jew Dov Charney telling him to go to a Holocaust Museum after he refused to put out his “WHITE Lives Matter” t-shirt.


It is worth noting that the Jew Charney is a known sex pervert.

Here he is calling out fake nigga celebrities as being slaves of Jews. He also gets into how the Jewish media falsely labeled him as an abuser and how the mentally ill tattooed Jew freak Pete Davidson messed up his family.


In this clip he destroys the Jewish media narrative surrounding George Floyd.


He hilariously said that the half-Jew Drake is the greatest rapper ever. He also implied that Drake was banging Kris Jenner.



He probably said all this knowing that Drake is half-Jewish.

It’s no wonder why the Jew Bill Maher was asking if Israel could do something about Kanye. It doesn’t appear as if Kanye is backing down. Even if he wanted to back down, it is far too late for him to back down. He has crossed the Rubicon and is in open war with the Jews.

He has my full support and I hope he continues speaking out against these evil Christ-killing yids.