The Host (U.S.) & The Parasite

27 U.S. states have effectively repealed the Bill of Rights—more than half the country—in the name of propping up Jewish rule in America.As of April 10, 27 states have adopted anti-boycott laws—including five executive orders issued by governors—all to protect Israel and Jews from legitimate criticism.A “zio-virus” outbreak has engulfed this once-great nation.

How long before the entire country is consumed?

Based on the speed with which this has occurred, not long.
Who really rules America?
The latest state to join this ignominious group is Florida, whose governor, in the imperial homeland no less, signed into law H.B. 741, which criminalizes criticism of Israel (a.k.a. “anti-Semitism”). Censorship is the last refuge of the coward, and because Israel is morally and politically illegitimate, it fears free expression. Honest criticism represents an existential danger to it, and defending zionist fictions always comes before defending Americans’ constitutional liberties.

The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) put it bluntly:

“The definition of anti-Semitism in H.B. 741 is so broad that it could apply to constitutionally protected speech in Florida schools and universities that is critical of the Israeli government or supportive of Palestinian rights. If the bill becomes law [which it did], it could be used to silence political activists, including Jews.”

The NCAC points to the Big Lie in the legislation: censorship is justified to combat anti-Israel speech, which is defined as a form of “hate speech.” However, it is a completely subjective term that does not exist in law. Zionists define what is hateful so they can silence dissent and persecute dissenters.
Who needs book burnings when legislatures, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube willingly prostitute themselves to serve Israel!Such censorship in the service of the zionist empire is not new: it dates to the presidency of Harry Truman and continues under Donald Trump.

Americans once risked their lives to defend the right to dissent and to be free from imperial tyranny. It is time for another war of independence, and this is your handbook: The Host and the Parasite—How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America.

It shows why U.S. governments sold out to Jewish lobbyists, who the real enemies of America are, and how Americans can insulate themselves from zionist propaganda and slurs like “anti-Semitism.”

Jewish exceptionalism is the root of America’s enslavement, and the first step to liberation begins with recognizing the enemy.
Softcover, 549 pages, $30Buy NowWe ship all over the world.

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