Syrians Say They Love Assad Who Loves the Syrian People

Encounter With Damascus Resident, Who (Like So Many) Speaks of How Western Media Lies About Syriaby Eva Bartlett

Jun 8, 2019Walking the lanes of Old Damascus yesterday, I met a local resident and chatted with him a bit. Don’t have time to subtitle, but (from around 1:50) he said the situation was improved, and when I mentioned that a couple of years ago there was the constant mortaring (from terrorists in eastern Ghouta) and now no, he went on to praise President Assad, saying he has a strong heart and loves the Syrian people.He also, notably, said western media speaks about Syria and President Assad, “that he is not good”. He obviously disagreed with this, and chided European/Western media for its lies, said people who live here (in Syria) know the truth.He expanded on this in his courtyard and, since I already knew I won’t have time to subtitle, I tried to summarize his words while he spoke.Another simple video from Syria, nothing flashy, no special effects, no media team behind me. Just me and my mobile phone camera, walking and talking to average Syrians–voices deliberately excluded by western corporate media.Also lovely Old Damascus ambience and lanes 


 More videos from Syria hereEva Bartlett | June 8, 2019 at 10:47

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