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FLASHBACK – 11 Jews Arrested For Child Rape And Snuff Pornography.

by TUT editor

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FATHERS MANIFESTO –  O9OCT2000 – Rome, Italy — Italian and Russian police, working together, broke up a ring of Jewish gangsters who had been involved in the manufacture of child rape and snuff pornography.

Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police
discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of
two and five years old from Russian orphanges, raping the children, and then
murdering them on film. Mostly non-Jewish customers, including 1700
nationwide, 600 in Italy, and and unknown number in the United States, paid
as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and

Jewish officials in a major Italian news agency tried to cover the story up,
but were circumvented by Italisn news reporters, who broadcasts scenes from
the films live at prime time on Italisn television to more than 11 million
Italian viewers. Jewish officials then fired the executives responsible,
claiming they were spreading “blood libel.”

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