Another Would Be Rapist and Groper-Dis-Gus-ting!

NY Times: Charlie Rose Made Crude Sexual Advances, Several Women Say


Stop the presses! We were just about to publish a piece (which we will now put off until tomorrow) when the wonderful news about the sudden fall of one of America’s “elite journalists” broke. As “youse guys” (New Jerseyese for the plural of ‘you’)  have probably heard by now, Bilderberg attendee and apparent CIA media asset Charlie Rose is finished, caput! On the creepiness scale, the mass accusations leveled against Red Rosie, made by eight different women, rank him far ahead of just ordinary gropers but just shy of violent rapists.

From the article:

“After allegations surfaced Monday that the longtime television host Charlie Rose made crude sexual advances toward multiple women who worked on his show over a dozen years, CBS suspended him from its morning program and PBS announced that it would no longer distribute his long-running nightly interview show.

Eight women, including three who talked on the record, told The Washington Post that he made lewd phone calls to them, walked around naked in front of them or groped them. In addition, two women told The New York Times that he made unwanted advances toward them, trying to kiss them without their permission. The women spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared Mr. Rose’s power over their careers and what some described as his volatile temper.

In a statement, Mr. Rose said he did not believe all the allegations were accurate but also apologized.

“It is essential that these women know I hear them and that I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. I am greatly embarrassed. I have behaved insensitively at times, and I accept responsibility for that,” he said. “I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken.”

The puffed-up sophist is was one of the most “trusted” propagandists in America. CBS: 60 Minutes & This Morning /// PBS: The Charlie Rose Show & The Week


Spare us all the mushy apology, CIArlie. Like Demoncrap rapist Harvey Weinstein and Demoncrap groper Al Franken, you too are done — which brings us to a higher nagging mystery that seems to be getting clearer by the day. In addition to Rose, let us review the incomplete, though fast-growing list of some big Globalists / libtards who have been removed from the political stage just over the course of the past few weeks:

A big name predator-a-day is being outed. What’s going on here?


Harvey Weinstein (Hollywood Mogul)Rape and abuse

US Senator Al Franken: Groping and harassment

The Podesta Brothers: Under investigation by Robert Mueller and rumored to be under house arrest

Mark Halperin: Prominent author and TV journalist: violent abuse, 12 accusers and counting! (here)

Weinstein, Franken, The Podesta pedophile Brothers


Steve Mostyn: Texas Democrat billionaire and mega-fundraiser: Suicide (here)

Howie Rubin: Wall Street mogul and Soros partner: Rape, torture (here)

Killary Clinton: Publicly “thrown under the bus” by prominent Demoncraps

Glenn Thrush: New York Times star reporter: sexual harassment / groping / forced kissing: suspended (here)


And many more Leftist political activists in Hollyweird (Sean Penn, Ben Affleck, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey et al) and now, the music industry (Russell Summons). This wave of take-downs is not by coincidence. Such a large number of women had to have been discovered, organized and empowered as “sleepers” to finally all come out against their perverted tormentors. We suspect (not “know,” but suspect) that the command structure of the Left is under direct attack by the same parties (“White Hat” faction within the military and “the Deep State”) which, with the help of hacked E-mails handed to the mercenary agent Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, swept Donald Trump to an unexpected victory in 2016.

The Marxist Mafia is not only under attack on the fundraising and Hollywood fronts, but with the astonishing fall of a high-ranking gatekeeper like Charlie Rose, the all-important propaganda artillery of the Globalists is now being battered as well. Who suddenly cut off the funding for the communist-terrorist “Antifa?” Will there be more fake journalists outed as degenerate perverts? Is this part of a preparatory weakening of Fortress Rothschild before the real death blows against people like Killary and McCain the Insane are struck?

After three straight Jewish Fed Chairmen (spanning 30 years time!), might the imminent replacement of Yenta Yellen at the Fed with the Anglo Jerome Powell be part of this silent coup? Could that strange deadly helicopter-plane collision of a few days ago, which occurred directly over “Lord” Jacob Rothschild’s Waddesdon estate in England (here), have been part of a secretive US military counter-coup against the Globalist coup to dethrone Trump?

As more and more big names of the Left fall, these previously outlandish scenarios become more plausible with each passing week. But we still cannot say for sure. The only thing we can say with absolute certainty is that something big and with a definite purpose is going down, and we shall all know what the end game is in due time. Stay tuned.

The crash over Rothschild’s property killed 4 people and remains shrouded in mystery.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I was shocked to hear those allegations against Charlie Rose. 

Boobus Americanus 2: Me too. He seems like a very serious intellectual.


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