Tory Smith Whistleblower….R.I.P. Tory…Exposing a ZIONIST Controlled Child Rape & Murder Operation in Military Labs


Published on Dec 27, 2015

107 Children were brought to America from CANADA, by “Her Majesty’s Royal Secret Service” which is a child trafficking company owned by Serial Cannibal Elizabeth Windsor. 
72 More children were brought to the Bush family to rape and murder, by the ICE child trafficking company, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
36 More children were delivered by a criminal group of child traffickers called “Child Protective Services”, and they abducted children from Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Tennessee.
2 Children were from a nice African-American family. Their Mother was named Sharon, and she worked for the Pentagon for the past 7 years, and lived in Virginia. She approached an Army General about the MILAB Child Trafficking Operations, owned by the Bush family and operated by DARPAand the CIA, with huge help of the FBI. She and her two boys were abducted by Pentagon pedophiles and was murdered by a senior official of the Pentagon. her body was disposed in a special place in the Pentagon, a type of vat or container filled with acidic chemicals. her two boys were taken to the gang rape and murder party in Crawfordsville, Texas. This party was specifically for males of the Pentagon. Her two boys were murdered while being raped by Keith Alexander [NSA] and the other by George W Bush. The HALL of RECORDS told me that Sharon’s family was told they died in a plane crash.
the blood of this party was collected for the Bush, Rockefeller and Rothschild families.



I had to wait until I could POST THESE because of what is HAPPENING NOW, and how these videos are RELATED AND I did’n’t want to tip them off.. As FATHER GOD, TORY and MANY others INVOLVED and the REST of the GALACTIC LIGHT FORCES are finishing the CLEAN-UP.

NOTE: CARGILL FOODS or CARGILL FOODS,is the EVIL CORPORATION that GOT BUSTED FOR “HORSE and HUMAN MEATS,” & PINK SLIME, in several USA LOCATIONS to the ILLUMINATI OWNED McDONALD’S RESTAURANT CHAINS. A few POSTS AGO. I ASK THE GALACTICS to PICK-UP the “BRAGGING SCUM,” named RABBI FINKELSTEIN?, I included his VIDEOTHAT he admitted that he grinds up our children and youth, into hamburger meat. HE was recorded AS HIMSELF – COMPLETELY BRAGGING about eating ALL the “GOYIM’S” which means – non-Jewish people, [according to these idiots, they THINK they are the only SPEACIAL “GOYIM,” GODS chosen] AS this PSYCHO KHAZARIAN MAFIA ‘CREEP,” needs to LEAVE OUR PLANET. Cargill foods, all of them should be shut-down and investigated. DAVID ICKE talked about them also. and there are documents on YOUTUBE if needed. HEAD’S-UP – I know we ALL HATE hearing all the EVIL negative CRAP and we are sick of hearing the word CABAL, but things ARE happening. If it is too sensitive then pick a day when you are ready to hear it. I only listen to it for the PROGRESS of the REMOVAL of the CRAZY REPTILES and their half-breeds. SORRY I am a little TIREDE and I may have posted the same video twice. If this seems a little confusing, go here;

GO back a few POSTS, I think I wrote ATTENTION GALACTICS can you PICK-UP this GUY PLEASE and something else. YOU will find it, IF not look under youtube, McDONALD’S serving Human meat. TORY talks about the SAME CARGILL FOODS, I’m pretty sure, it would be the SAME EVIL LOT of CHARACTERS PROBABLY owning a worldwide or MASSIVE chain of them. 



Published on Dec 28, 2015

The current total of Humans processed into the CARGILL meat supply is 16,507, according to the HALL OF JUSTICE.
156 Children abducted by The United States Special Operations Command, a child trafficking company called SOCOM, were delivered to George HW Bush before 7am Midwestern time, or 8 Eastern. These children were from Guatamala, Peru, and Brazil.
666 Children abducted by the ICE [ U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] which is another child trafficking company, group of children were delivered to George HW Bush’s Crawfordsville MILAB, by ICE, before 9 am Midwestern time. [10am Eastern]. All of these children were Mexican except 17 who were Costa Rican. ICE abducted them in New Mexico, Southern California, and Arizona, then from the MILAB in Albuqeurque, NM.
Three FBI Agents, who were Benevolent [I know, shocking, right?]
were murdered by Deputy Director Mark F. Giuliano this morning, very near the Washington DC MILAB #2. Murdered were an Agent named John who worked for the FBI for 16 years and had 64% Sacred Light glowing in his DNA, a female Agent named Katherine, who had worked 15 years and had 69% Sacred Light, and a man named Robert, who worked for them 11 years, and he had 71% Sacred Light. The two men were shot in the head at close range, by Mark F. Giuliano, and then he murdered Katherine with a shot to her Heart. their bodies were then transported to the Crawfordsville MILAB, to be put into the CARGILL meat supply, along with the children murdered today. This group of children were gang raped a total of 1700 times., mostly by ICE and SOCOM males.
56 of the criminal BUSH family were there to murder the children, who were all dead by 3pm local time.


MILAB REPORT Jan 5&6 17 Bushes Arrested

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Published on Jan 7, 2016

Tom Cruise offered 20 million for new Temporal Body, daughter Healed by Angels.




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