Behind the Terrorism in Las Vegas: 50 Dead & 400 Injured! Who’s Really Behind This Terrorism?

x At least 50 dead, more than 400 injured after shooting on Las Vegas Strip

by TUT editor

ed note–Any second now, all the usual suspects within ‘duh muuvmnt’ will be chirping all the usual business concerning this terrible event, that it is ‘a hoax’ that ‘never happened’, that it is a ‘false flag’, that it is about ‘gun control’ or else, since it was a white man who is accused of doing it, that it is part of an ‘anti-white man conspiracy’.

Watch for it, wait for it, because it is coming.

And while it is possible that there could be something more to this than what appears on the surface, the facts that we know FOR SURE are as follows–

For the last 50+ years, Americans–more than any other people on earth–have been subjected to a concerted, coordinated, methodical, scientific program on the part of Judea, Inc through the use of mass media, Hollywood, social media, and all other hypodermic needles at the disposal of organized Zionist interests to turn the world’s most powerful country in terms of military might into a nation of psychopaths with no remorse about killing innocent men, women and children, all as a preparatory step towards utilizing said military might against over a billion Muslims worldwide in furtherance of Israel’s geo-political goals.

This being the case then, there is nothing irregular or out of the ordinary about events such as what just took place, unless we want to consider that–given the amount of mental conditioning that has occurred over the last 50+ years in destroying the mental health and the morals of an entire nation–it does not happen with greater frequency.

As we say here often–get used to it. There will never be a period in this nation’s history where events such as this do not happen in semi-regular fashion and for the simple reason that there is indeed a method to this madness and–as usual–all roads lead to Jerusalem. Read more of this post

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My Comment:  The ZIONISTS control the CIA, FBI, Mind Control Programs, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Book Publishing and Most of Alterhative Media!  They want gun control at any cost because they know America will economically collapse at any time now and they don’t want resistance from well armed American people.  They want desperate, huddled unemployed masses who will bend to their will for a bowl of soup and a couple of crackers.  We live under a ROTHSCHILD MAFIA ZIONIST DICTATORSHIP!
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