Stop “Russiagate” – Let Trump, Xi, and Putin Build!

Stop “Russiagate” — Let Trump, Xi, and Putin Build!

Once again in the case of Texas, and the tremendous economic and human destruction of Hurricane Harvey, we find that truly comprehensive infrastructure projects to prevent such destruction were planned in the 1960s. This was JFK’s era of Apollo and the great western “TVA” called the North American Water and Power Alliance. These potentials were stopped, stripped of funds and commitment, by the eruption of British geopolitics in American policy — the Vietnam War. What are now called — under Britain’s Blair and Bush and Obama — “regime-change” wars, have ever since been the enemy of taking care of the general welfare in America. For the lack of new and bold infrastructure platforms which would have cost tens of billions, we have seen whole cities devastated by floods and hundreds of billions lost to the American economy.READ MORE

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