What Must Be Done Before Another Bank Crash Hits

The warning of another, devastating Europe-U.S. banking crash before the end of this year, raised by EIR in May and by a meeting of European Parliamentarians in early July, is becoming an emergency danger. It requires a mobilization of actions to stop it. The Italian banking system, which has just suffered three major bank bailouts combined with “bail-ins” of unlucky savers, is trying to raise capital it cannot raise, to prevent a potential collapse which could take Germany’s banks down with it.READ MORE

Cut the Partisan Crap — Time to Rebuild the Country!

Kevin Pearl gives an ‘On the Ground Report’ of the pattern of Democrats and Republicans expressing their desire for the nation to end the partisan bickering and rebuild the country. Despite the media uproar, most Americans aren’t buying the line that Russia stole our election or Putin is the devil reincarnate, and they support the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall to shut down Wall Street’s thievery. Join LaRouchePAC in educating Americans. [url:”http://lpac.co/rebuild”]Sign our petition[/url] telling Congress to suck it up, move on and rebuild the country!READ MORE

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