9/11 Family Targets [Zionist] Mueller Coverup of Saudi’s Role

9/11 Family Targets Mueller Coverup of Saudis’ Role

July 3 (EIRNS)—Fox News host Tucker Carlson featured 9/11 family member Kathy Owens and her lawyer, Jim Kreindler, Monday night, as both directly targetted then-FBI Director Robert Mueller, Bush, Obama and Comey for quashing every investigation into the Saudi role in the 9/11 attack. They called on President Trump to release all classified documents relating to Saudi involvement in the terrorist attack. Their strong attack clearly reflects the material in the LaRouchePAC dossier on Mueller.

Owens said that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller “covered up and stifled the investigation into who was responsible for supporting the hijackers.” Asked why he would do so, she answered, “We won’t know until we see all the documents that are still unnecessarily classified.”

Her lawyer went further: “From the moment of 9/11, President Bush’s focus was on Iraq and Saddam Hussein. He didn’t want to hear about Saudi Arabia’s role. Saudi Arabia was an ally in the war against Iraq, and the President was a good friend of the Saudi Ambassador, who, by the way, he and his wife gave $25,000 to one of the government agents who was helping Hazmi and Mihdhar, the two terrorists [in San Diego]. There is this large body of evidence that Saudi government officials prepared for the hijackers’ arrival, helped them, gave them money, English lessons, safe houses and apartments, and provided the aid, without which it would have been impossible, according to the FBI agents who were working the case, for the terrorists to succeed.

“President Bush and Director Mueller, instead of furthering the effort to find the whole story, quashed it. Investigations were shut down, documents have been kept secret. And that was continued by President Obama and Director Comey.”

Kreindler then falsely credits Obama’s action to his desire to close the Iran deal, the only false statement in his report.

Kreindler continued: “The reason we are here, and our plea, the families’ plea to President Trump, is to declassify the documents. There is no reason for thousands of documents that reveal both the Saudi role and our own government’s coverup for 17 years to be kept secret.”

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