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Global Times: ‘The New York Times Should Ask What the U.S. Has Done for Sri Lanka’

July 3 (EIRNS)—Global Times on Monday struck back at the New York Times for the lying and deceitful diatribe they published on June 25 called “How China Got Sri Lanka To Cough Up a Port.” The long, detailed article reviewed the history of the Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka, which has become the center piece of most of the growing opus of attacks on the Belt and Road Initiative. The fact that Sri Lanka granted China a 99-year lease on the port and an area for building an industrial park is portrayed as China’s model for taking over the world and putting military installations everywhere. The Times published a map of the 35 ports China has built around the world, as if these were all military bases (NB: The U.S. maintains 800 military bases outside of the U.S., in 70 countries).

The New York Times article was the basis for a National Revieweditorial board article today, titled “Debt Trap Diplomacy,” asserting, for example, that “the BRI in reality is a signifier of China’s ongoing strategy to consolidate its power in the region and strengthen its geopolitical hand,” and that corrupt officials in poor nations “wind up bargaining away their own countries in exchange for infrastructure that serves the interests of China more than those of local citizens.”

Global Times responded that Sri Lanka’s former President Mahinda Rajapaksa wrote a rebuttal to the New York Times, stating that its report that only 34 ships used the port in 2012 conveniently leaves out that “the number increased to 335 in 2014 and the port made an operating profit of Rs.900 million ($5.69 million) in 2014 and Rs.1,200 million in 2015.”

Global Times further writes that at the end of Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war in 2009, it was “in desperate need for infrastructure construction to boost economic development and improve people’s living standards. But its request for assistance was turned down by others except China. The large amount of Chinese concessional loans and investment helped Sri Lanka start a slew of major infrastructure projects including a coal-fired power station, shipping container terminals, an airport highway and the Hambantota Port. These have brought huge economic and social benefits to Sri Lanka and its people.

“In the meantime, what have Western countries done? They play up the human rights issue to pressure the South Asian country that was plundered heavily by Portuguese, Dutch and British colonists during its nearly 450 years’ colonization…. As the world witnesses seriously imbalanced development, what is needed most now is not the blame game or a hands-off approach, but authentic investment and aid as well as cooperation. Unfortunately, when China offers such help, these countries do nothing but chime in quickly through biased lenses.”

They conclude: “Instead of the New York Times demonizing China’s efforts, isn’t it better if it explores how the U.S. can participate in aiding impoverished countries?”

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