It’s Overdue for Americans to Listen to the “Opposition”

Top Iranian general says Kurdish referendum an Israeli ‘plot’

by TUT editor

Iraqis Kurds carry the Kurdish and the Israeli flags in the streets of the northern city of Kirkuk on September 25, 2017 following a referendum on the independence. (AFP Photo/Ahmad Al-Rubaye)

Aide to Iran’s supreme leader also claims independence vote in Iraqi Kurdistan a plan hatched by Jerusalem to fuel violence following IS defeat

ed note–a few things worth considering here–

Even a GLANCE at the Israeli press, both on the ‘right’ and on the ‘left’, reveals overwhelming and uncritical support for the ‘freedom’ of the Kurds just as it did during the ‘Arab spring’ when Judea, Inc donned its ‘humanitarian’ suit and with a forked tongue championed the cause of ‘freedom’ for the ‘oppressed and beleaguered’ peoples of Egypt, Syria, and elsewhere while at the same time, making sure that the Palestinians remain firmly affixed within the same century-long imprisonment that organized Jewry had constructed for them.

Secondly, perhaps a little geography will paint a better picture as to what is at stake here and just why Israel would be so forcefully in favor of an ‘independent’ Kurdish state–

Image result for kurdistan borders map

4 countries–Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey–which Israel seeks to destabilize for as long as it takes in paving the way for that thousands years old dream of ‘Greater Israel’.

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