‘With Germany being one of the acknowledged leaders of the European Union, the German people — though still haunted by the spectre of a Nazi past while being blackmailed by a pernicious “Holocaust Industry” — nonetheless have a responsibility to themselves and the rest of humanity to unconditionally condemn and oppose any racial ideology that asserts its own people are “superior” and/or “God’s chosen.” This onerous responsibility has recently become even more pressing as a consequence of the world leadership vacuum created by the United States — an already morally decrepit superpower subservient to the dictates of an Apartheid Jewish State — which recently further diminished its world standing and relinquished any semblance of national character and fortitude by electing a deranged buffoon for President.

In fairness, however, the reality of the U.S. now resembling George Orwell’s 1984 — with a government persecuting individualism and independent thinking as a “thoughtcrime” to be enforced by a “Thought Police” [AIPAC] — cannot be blamed entirely on the unstatesmanlike buffoonery of the incumbent President. This is because subservience to the pro-Israel lobby has over a period of many decades become the hallmark of successive U.S. governments as has just occurred with the condemnation of a State Department report blaming Israel for terrorism and claiming that Palestinians rarely incite attacks.’

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My Comment:  The worst crimes are committed by peoples of nations who think they are “Exceptional” and “Chosen Ones.”  See the Chosenites From Hell …..on youtube.