‘It was a sharp contrast to the response on Twitter yesterday. Senator McCain, ailing from brain cancer, interrupted his treatment and flew across the country to vote to strip healthcare from millions of Americans. He received a standing ovation at the Capitol, but the response online was brutal. Many people openly hoped the cancer kills him. Predictably, folks on both sides of the aisle condemned this personal attack on an American war hero who famously refused release from a POW camp unless his comrades were also released.

Hoping that cancer kills McCain is crass, shocking and of course unjustifiable – but anger is understandable when the man just voted to strip health insurance from millions of his fellow citizens whilst he himself receives world-class treatment on the taxpayer dime. People are angry, and with good reason. The Congressional Budget Office scored the latest iteration of the Republicans’ plan and found it would leave 22 million people uninsured and roll back Medicaid expansion whilst cutting funding to state healthcare exchanges. This is what John McCain flew back to vote for.’

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