Friends of the LaRouche movement,

Since the beginning of this attempted coup, or “color revolution” against our President Donald Trump, the LaRouche movement has been fighting urgently to defend Trump and the presidency itself.
Today, six months after Trump’s inauguration, we finally have the break we need: the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity have published demonstrable proof that “Russiagate” is one steaming pile of crooked lies.
Below, see a four-minute video produced by LaRouchePAC summarizing the case, as well as our short articles focusing on the political deployment of this material. The entire VIPS article is available on Robert Parry’s — please read it immediately!
By defeating this coup-plot, we can free the President to do his job — to save the US economy, a fight that begins with the immediate passage of Glass-Steagall.
Please circulate this material WIDELY and mobilize for the LaRouchePAC Town Hall in Manhattan this Saturday, July 29th, from 2 PM to 430 PM. The Town Hall will take place at the Hotel Beacon, 2130 Broadway in Manhattan (at 75th St).
Marian Black
201 2861269

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