The Sun is Setting on the British Empire-Time For United States to Break Free Forever

The Empire is Collapsing — Now Fight for The Adulthood of Mankind

President Trump is driving the British Empire and its satrapies in the US and around the world into a state of utter panic. He is rejecting the “special relationship” between the U.S. and the British, openly identifying the crimes of the British and American intelligence agencies — crimes which have been well known for a very long time (especially since Snowden), but which the culprits believed the world could be induced to forget.READ MORE

My Comment:  Time for the US to quit fighting the Monarchy’s Wars of Aggression against innocent sovereign nations, work with the BRICs countries especially with Russia & China, develop our space program like under Kennedy, develop Fusion technology to clean up our environment and get the greater power concentrations needed to fuel productive & economic growth, lift the Native Americans in Pine Ridge, S. Dakota and Four Corners areas out of poverty, put 100 Million people to work, develop our mag-lev railroads, lift Africa out of starvation, make Peace in the Middle East and Darfur, develop NAWAPA, kill all “Free Trade Agreements”/job killers, label our Food and ban Monsanto, release the 7,000 inventions withheld so we cannot benefit from them as well as hundreds if not thousands of cancer cures, stop human cloning and Mind Control abuses, animal abuses and torturing, and the list goes on and on and on….this is only the beginning of what needs to be done and killuminati for crimes against humanity, crimes against animals, etc. and treason! We have MUCH work to do…also put these Royals in prison where they belong as well as the 13 Satanic Family mob criminals.

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