British Coup to Be Exposed in General Flynn Trial

General Flynn Sets the Table for Full Reveal of British Role in Attempted CoupPosted on September 13, 2019In a remarkable motion fittingly filed on September 11th, Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell has produced a detailed request for documents which will tell substantial parts of the story of the British campaign, beginning in 2014, to shape the 2016 U.S. election and destroy the potential of Donald Trump’s presidency. She is telling the story through what appears to be a provable account of the targeting of General Flynn, beginning in 2014, by the highest echelons of Anglo-American intelligence, because he called out their alliances with Al-Qaeda and similar terrorists in Syria and sought a very logical alliance with Russia to fight Islamic terrorism. Powell is asking U.S. District Judge Emmett Sullivan to hold Robert Mueller’s prosecutors in contempt for not producing documents which would exculpate Flynn or support his defenses at trial, documents which her very detailed motion indicates she knows, definitively, to exist. The Constitution and Judge Sullivan, in particular, through standing orders in his court, require prosecutors to produce all evidence in their possession which tends to exculpate defendants or support their defenses.READ MORE

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