So you’ve heard that a Saudi oil refinery was struck by a drone… or missile… or who knows what?!Now the president of the United States is saying we are “locked and loaded” and waiting to hear from Saudi Arabia about how to proceed!!What should you make of this complex situation that again leaves the US on the brink of war in the Middle East?! And what about these absurd comments from Trump that make it difficult for you to distinguish between reality and the Onion?!In this video, as I have been saying for months, I again announce my belief that war with Iran is pretty much imminent. In fact, I think something is going down in or around October, and you should watch til the end of the video to find out exactly how this very dangerous situation may unfold!I also explain how this oil attack is connected to a proxy war Saudi Arabia is waging in Yemen with US and UK backing. This a conflict that has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world!!But the question remains: Why is the US still involved in all these conflicts?? And why are we involved in conflicts that Donald Trump previously called needless and pointless?? Why did Trump flip-flop? We need answers, and you can bet we are not going to get them from the mainstream media! KEEP We Are Change ALIVE!Now more than ever it is crucial to support alternative media, like We Are Change, that have been reporting critically and independently on US foreign policy for years while MSM outlets have pushed war and the interests of the their overlords in the military-industrial complex. Your support is essential to keep We Are Change free and independent at a time in which tech giants are censoring and demonetizing alternative media while promoting the MSM and even its pro-war agenda. You can support We Are Change by shopping at our Teespring store. Now at just the right time, you can purchase our popular, newly designed “War Is Murder” shirt, which also points out that “taxation is theft,” “police are gangs” and “politicians are criminals.” This limited edition shirt may not be around for long, so act fast! Support independent media today, and don’t let the MSM and military-industrial complex get their next war!
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