Iran Poses a Threat to Israel Just Like Teachers & Intellectuals Threatened Communist China!

Netanyahu: 80% of security threats against Israel emanate from Iran

by MG editor


At event commemorating 25th anniversary of Buenos Aires embassy bombing, PM says Israel constantly thwarts attacks on Israeli missions abroad

ed note–Judaic twisting of reality into pretzel knots at its finest.

Unfortunately, due entirely to the propaganda that has been willingly swallowed by the Sunni Arabs, Iran is hated throughout the Arab region. Most Arabs view Iran as a bigger threat to Israel in the same way that idiot Christians in the West view Islam in general as more threatening to their well-being then they do Judaism.

Having said this, Netanyahu is correct in the sense that Iran poses the greatest threat to the hegemony of the Jewish state and her future plans of ‘Greater Israel’ more than anything else, not due to the IRI’s military as much as to her ideology. Iran–unlike her Arab counterparts, does not allow herself to be seduced in the same manner as do the other nations in the region that then reduces them to ‘scurrying around like drugged cockroaches’. She is analytical, cautious, and thorough in her analysis and in the execution of her objectives, and this is what scares the b-Jesus out of the Jewish state more than anything else.

Furthermore, if indeed Iran was the world’s largest source of terrorism, with her resources, all can rest assured we would be seeing manifestations of it on a daily basis but all that Netanyahu can seem to conjure up are events that took place 30+ years ago and which were the result of Mossad, not Iran. Read more of this post

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