Israeli Man’s Inhumanity to Man

How They Do It– ‘Israel is betraying its history by expelling African asylum-seekers’

by TUT editor

ed note–anti-black racism began with Judaism, specifically within the very first book of the Torah, Genesis, where Ham–the son of Noah said to be the father of the African peoples, is cursed to be a ‘slave’ to his brothers Japheth and Shem for all eternity.

So our esteemed Hebraic author is, well, lying. The fact that he may have marched in a Black Lives Matter protest or some similar species of noise does not change the fact that anti-black racism and bigotry is perfectly synonomous with Judaism and with its physical manifestation–the Jewish state.

Please note what one Israeli official is quoted saying to an African asylum seeker to wit–

‘Soon we’ll deport all of you, and you’ll sit under a tree, open your mouth and wait for a banana to fall, like a monkey…Don’t you see yourselves, that you look like monkeys?’

This is Judaism, not some aberration, and no one should make the mistake of believing for a moment otherwise. This is how they as a group maintain the illusion of their ‘moral superiority’ over this isssue (as well as others) and with it, the perceived right to lecture everyone else.

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