Wonderful! IRS Obamacare Penalty Enforcement Nullified

President Trump Nullifies IRS Obamacare Penalty Enforcement

by Volubrjotr

President Trump is off with a bang, and Americans – for or against – are still processing his bold moves during his first days in office. While most of the media attention is currently centered around protests and anger at Trump’s “Muslim ban,” and attempts to curb immigration, the policy that might hit closest to […]

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My Comment:  Now, for your foreign policy please quit irritating China and Iran.  Hasn’t China offered to fund the $8 trillion needed for our infrastructure development so why Piss them off???!!!  Iran has not had a war with anyone for 200 plus years and they fight the TERRORISM sponsored by CIA, Hillary & Obama.  They are our ALLIES AGAINST TERRORISM!  The only reason Trump would even agitate these countries is b/c he is run by Zionists “who call themselves Jews and ARE NOT”-Jesus

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