LaRouchePAC Daily: Trump-Putin Summit Can Change the World-Emerging Fascist Force Wants to Halt It

Trump-Putin Summit Can Change the World — Emerging Fascist Force Wants To Stop It

In June 1968, Lyndon LaRouche issued a document called “The New Left, Local Control and Fascism,” describing the emergence on the anarchist “68ers” he had observed first hand at the student strikes at Columbia University. Forty years later, in 2008, LaRouche referred back to that document: “In that report, I compared the second of the two strikes on that campus with the way in which members of the Communist and Nazi parties had swapped chunks of their memberships back-and-forth during the weeks of the famous Berlin trolley-car strike of the period leading into the Nazi takeover of dictatorial powers through Hermann Göring’s organization of the fire at the Reichstag building.READ MORE

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