7 United States Presidents Assassinated by the Zionist Mafia

Jewish Businessman Hints at Trump Assassination Plot

report by Eric Striker from the Daily Stormer

Following the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, the whole alphabet soup of federal agencies swooped down on two very young white men who joked among themselves about assassinating Obama while wearing top hats and tuxedos. The investigation into the matter concluded that neither had taken serious steps towards realizing the plot, and that the “threats” were clearly just a joke.

Nevertheless, the two were brought up on stacked federal charges. After an aggressive campaign by the Judenpresse to portray both as “white supremacists,” they were indicted by an almost entirely black/non-white jury in a kangaroo court, and their lives were ruined with pled down federal prison sentences of 10 and 14 years respectively (going to trial would’ve risked up to 75 years!)

Fast forward 8 years, and all types of famous and powerful people are openly encouraging people to assassinate President Donald J. Trump. So far, legal consequences on par with the aforementioned have not been dished out against these malcontents, largely because in a plutocracy like the United States, the President is not as powerful as the hostile cabal behind the curtain destroying America.

Jews, who historically have championed murder and terrorism as an appropriate way to salvage a lost debate, have been on the front lines of this. Now the Jew Ted Kornblum, CEO of the guitar amplifier company Magnatone, has come out to publicly hint at a possible Jewish assassination conspiracy.

My Comment:  Our history books have deleted the history of the Khazars who raped, murdered, pillaged and warred against all their neighbors.  They were forced to convert to Judaism but are not true Jews …..but of the Zionist Synagogue of Satan.

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