The Zionist/Jewish Plan to Get Rid of Trump

How They Do It–‘Trump is Unfit to Command’

by TUT editor

With the president in an agitated state and preoccupied with his legal troubles, this is no time for war.

ed note–This is coming from–of all people, David Frum, Mr. NeoCon himself. He–along with all his twinlings in the La Kosher Nostra, including Kristol, the Kagan brothers, Eliot Cohen, Elliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, etc–who set into motion not only events such as 9/11 itself, but as well, all the murder and mayhem that followed now known as the ‘war on terror’–have been singularly united in their opposition to Trump, and now with this latest ploy on the part of Frum, have truly demonstrated that there is no bridge too far or some act of shapeshifting too difficult for them in trying to undermine his presidency.

Please consider exactly the posture which Frum is adopting here. Frum–who loves any and all butchery (and especially if it is brought by America) against those deemed ‘EOZ’, i.e. enemies of Zion in the way that a vampire loves blood–now has the chutzpah to pretend opposing Trump’s recent strikes in Syria, based upon Trump’s ‘unstability’, (as if George W. Bush had even a SHRED of sanity or intelligence) as well as ‘the safety of the United States and the peace of the world’ and the manner by which Trump’s ‘instability’ is ‘subverting the American constitutional scheme’

What can be said about all of this, other than what has been said before a million times already–

‘Fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie…’

What Frum lets slip out like an unplanned burp in midsentence is as follows–

‘The missile strikes sharply reversed Trump’s public statements only nine days before that the U.S. would be ending its Syria role soon’.

Let’s just revisit that again briefly–

‘the U.S. would be ending its Syria role soon’.

Frum is a Jew who is deeply embedded within/operates at the highest levels of the ‘Deep State’. He is not just some inbred, cross-eyed, lisping, drooling West Bank settler adorned with pigtails and wearing a knit pancake on his head, but rather an inbred, cross-eyed, lisping, drooling well-educated/well-placed/well-trained agent for Israel who travels in very strategically-sensitive circles. He steered GWB in the satanic black mass known as the US invasion/destruction of Iraq. Despite being a ‘right-winger’, during the 8 years of Obama he and the aforementioned members of La Nosher Nostra maintained a quiet, semi-incestuous relationship with their counterparts on ‘the left’ in influencing Obama to oversee the ‘Arab Spring’, to officiate the satanic black mass known as the destruction of Libya and subsequent murder of Ghaddafi and the creation of ISIL, ISIS and all the murder and mayhem that has taken place in Syria since then.

Having said this, Frum–being that ‘well-educated/well-placed/well-trained agent for Israel who travels in very strategically-sensitive circles’, understands EXACTLY what Trump’s ‘game’ is and in particular his strategic reasons for launching those missile strikes in Syria which Frum described as ‘a stunt’. He understands that Trump has been forced into a political trap by the very same LKN which seeks Trump’s removal and that ordering limited (and for the most part relatively harmless) strikes against abandoned targets gives Trump exactly the wiggle room he needs to avoid being cut down by triangulated crossfire in the present ambush that has been set for him.

Anyone doubting that this is what is motivating Frum in all of this need merely ask for themselves the following question–

If it were President Mike Pence who had launched these strikes, would not the title of this piece be instead ‘Pence–The President that both America and Israel needed all along’.

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