WOW!!! Trump Warns Israel Against New Settlement Announcements! This is HUGE!!!

Trump Warns Israel Against New Settlement Announcements

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The news keeps getting better. The Israeli press has been reporting that President Trump warned Israel against their recent settlement announcements.

From Haaretz:

Donald Trump’s White House reportedly warned Israel against “unilateral” announcements of new settlements, saying they “undermine” the new administration’s desire to reach a peace deal along the lines of a two-state solution, the Jerusalem Post reported Thursday, citing an unnamed senior official.

If true, the statement could signal a major disappointment for many on the Israeli right, including senior members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, who hoped that Trump would abandon the two-state solution and believed his attitude towards settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem would be far more supportive than that of Obama.

These announcements absolutely work to undermine any sort of peace deal. Of course we know the Israelis do not want nor desire peace. They seek to genocide the Palestinian people in the name of their disgusting Zionist empire.

Trump’s rhetoric has been extremely pro-Israel but if these reports are true, he might not be as pro-Israel as Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli right thinks.

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For those who don’t know, a “settlement” is a Jewish village built inside of what is internationally recognized Palestinian territory.

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