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‘The new prime minister of Yemen’s Houthi movement says Britain is guilty of war crimes in Yemen, accusing the country of participating in the bombing of civilians through its sales of arms to Saudi Arabia.

“They have sold cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia,” Abdulaziz bin Habtour, prime minister of the newly formed Houthi government, told Sky News. “They know the Saudis are going to drop them on Yemen… in Sa’adah and in Sana’a and other provinces.”

“I don’t think they are guilty of war crimes, I believe so. They are participating in the bombing of Yemen people.”

Bin Habtour went on to state that British-made cluster bombs have been found in Sa’adah, along with a British-made Storm Shadow cruise missile which the UK’s Ministry of Defense calls “arguably the most advanced weapon of its kind in the world.”‘

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