Judea Declares War on Trump After Judea’s Malevolent Candidate Clinton Loses

And It Starts: Judea Declares War On Trump

by Sabba

judea trump jews

BY GILAD ATZMON – Back in 1933, long before Hitler imposed a single restriction on German Jews, the leaders of worldwide Jewry declared a war on  Hitler’s Germany. Some argue that the German animosity towards Jews in the 1930’s, that led to the Holocaust, cannot be realised without taking into consideration the Judea war against Germany.

Seemingly some Jews never learn the lesson. Performing the symptoms of  Pre Traumatic Stress disorder the Jewish Chronicle is already at war with the next American president.

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My Comment:  Unfortunately we are given a plethora of lies and misrepresentations of fact in this article but the truth is Judea has Declared War Against Trump and war against the American People a Long Time Ago…Judea only represents illuminati criminal banksters & Wall street as well as pedophile monarchies, child killers, snuff film producers in Canada, etc.  One picture sums it up:

When Israel Is Mighty

  What is going on is PURE EVIL and for America to regain its spiritual and moral compass it must fight the evil it has been controlled by since Kennedy was murdered.  Electing TRUMP is a Start!  The blood soaked Rothschild six pointed star does describe Rothschild controlled Israhell’s policies and Hillary Clinton’s policies:  PURE EVIL sponsored by the Synagogue of Satan of biblical times foretold by Jesus no less!

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