Ye in a Parler post said that he risks losing custody of his children for openly talking about Jews and their corrupt business dealings. Even his own Jewish lawyer said that this would happen.

These Jews are simply evil.

They’ve already ruined his business relationships, got the Jewish nigger Pete Davidson to fuck his wife and now they are threatening to take his kids away from him.

He’s going to have to try to find another lawyer that isn’t Jewish. Unfortunately for Ye, the Jews dominate the legal profession so it might be hard to quickly find viable alternative legal representation.

The TMZ Jew Harvey Levin was gleefully describing how Ye could lose custody of his kids for simply saying negative things about Jews.

There are other Jews out there saying similar things.

What’s disgusting is how there are still so few people even on the right-wing willing to come out and support Ye.

Everybody should be supporting Ye against these evil satanic Jews.