LaRouchePAC Videos on Real Economics, British Empire Control of US (via Intelligence Agencies and PACs)

Join us LIVE at 1pm Eastern – Today’s show will be about actual solutions for the economic crisis now staring the USA in the face. Our guests today include Richie Freeman, Economics Editor for EIR Magazine, and Bill Roberts, part of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee in the Midwest Region.READ MORE

December 21, 2018

Join us LIVE at 9pm Eastern – President Trump shocked the British directed war party in London and Washington yesterday by announcing, via twitter, a complete U.S. pullout from Syria. Almost all of his own Washington Consensus born and bred advisors and their allies in Congress reacted with shock and wails of outrage. Russia, Iran, Turkey simultaneously announced that a committee of Syrian citizens is now working on developing a constitution for that war torn country, the necessary first step in a reconciliation and rebuilding process. At the same time, incoming Mexican President Obrador…READ MORE

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