United States Must Answer for War Crimes in the Middle East

Yes, it is time. And it is also time for the American people to demand their elites which they elected to be prosecuted and hanged. The ready-made excuse “It’s not us the people, it is our government which is corrupted and under jewish domination”, that excuse does not stand. It is American ‘boys’ who are doing the torturing, raping, bombing, urinating of dead bodies, taking selfies with dead Muslims etc. The American Congress is made of Americans, the Army is made of Americans and, all this is done with American tax payers money, in their name.United States Must Answer for War Crimes in the Middle East

15 years of hell in Afghanistan, 25 years of hell in Iraq, people being held without charge in Guantanamo for 10/15 years and God only knows what is happening to these men, the Middle East – the cradle of Civilization – being destroyed to this very day: isn’t that making the American people mad enough to stand up and fight back their government which is doing all this in their name?

The question the people outside America in general and the people of the Global South in particular ask is: what will it take for American to stand up and demand that their country puts a stop to all this? Doesn’t all this make them angry enough to rise up and take the streets and yes, start a revolution if need be? Or is it that they do not care?

Or is it that deep down, at the conscious or subconscious level, most of them are in fact quite happy to see their country unleashing hell on the Infidels – the Muslims? Or is it that most of them take pride in seeing their country acting like the ‘world police’ because it comforts their belief that their country is Number One, the ‘greatest nation on earth’, belief which only Americans have and which makes the rest of the world laugh out loud.

If the US government would decide tomorrow to ban alcohol, football, base ball and basket ball, we can rest assured that all Americans will remember the guns they own and will start a revolution. But demanding their government to stop holocausting the Arabs of the Middle East.. naah. 

But remember, what comes around goes around and karma truly is a b*tch. Read more of this post

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