Israelis train with live stun grenades in Palestinian neighborhood-Another Article on ISRA-HELL!

Israelis train with live stun grenades in Palestinian neighborhood

by MG editor


ed note–No other country in the world gets away with this except–drum role please–the Jewish state. If any other country around the world were to engage in such activity, why the JMSM would be screeching up a storm, throwing into the discussion terms such as ‘human rights’ and ‘compassion’ and–last but not least–making comparisons between such activity and how the mean ol’ Nazis did this to the po’ persecuted lil’ Jews when they were in prison camps during WWII.

Those who have been seduced and stupfied into a state of total delusion by the sweet nothings whispered into their ears by those out to paint a pretty face on Judaism will counter by saying–drum role please–that such behavior runs counter to ‘Judaic ethics’. The facts however are another reality altogether, as these parrots simply don’t know what they are talking about. The behavior described in this story is a natural to Jewish behavior as killing sheep is to wolves. The Jews–by virtue of their religion and the various ‘great minds’ who have been the interpreters of that ‘religion’–hold fast to the notion that only they are ‘humans’ in the eyes of their god Yahweh, and that all other persons are mere actors in a screenplay written only for them.

And for those who take a relaxed view of the kind of barbaric behavior described in this piece, remember something–the only thing differentiating the Palestinians form you is geography, and as soon as the beast rampaging through the Levant has finished in devouring everything there is to eat there, it is your turn.

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