Carson called the situation “complex” while doing his best to sidestep the actual question and instead discussed the need for regime change. When pressed further on whether or not he would end funding for the rebel groups he said “It depends on the rebel group and what they have been doing.” It seems obvious that a Carson presidency will include more international meddling by the U.S. government which will lead to an increase in anti-American sentiment, possibly fueling the rise of even more terrorism.

My Comment:  Business as usual with Ben Carson with tiny modifications:  he is pro WAR, pro Vaccine and pro settling refugees (maybe even here) but their homes, jobs, infrastructures should be rebuilt in their own original geopolitical nexus of origin and these war criminals should pay for it:  Bush, Cheney, Runsfeld, Condasleaza Rice, and ALL the NEOCONS, Generals who participated and WARMONGERS-maybe a WARMONGER COMMISSION needs to be created.

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