The Supremes, amnesty(for illegal aliens) and Sheriff Joe
By Larry Klayman
January 22, 2016

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal of amnesty that was granted to 5 million illegal aliens by Barack Hussein Obama through executive action. After publicly announcing 22 times that he did not have the legal authority, Obama gave amnesty and work permits to illegal aliens because Congress failed to agree with him. Oral argument is predicted as early as April in Case No. 15-674, United States of America, et al. v. State of Texas, et al., with a decision sometime before the 2016 elections.

So what will this mean for the future of our country? On the one hand, in that case, the Obama administration is seeking to overturn the preliminary injunction blocking Obama’s amnesty programs in. The Honorable Andrew Hanen in Texas issued an order and the 5th Circuit upheld Judge Hanen’s injunction. So, technically, at least four of the Supreme Court’s nine justices voted to consider whether to overturn the 5th Circuit, vacate Judge Hanen’s injunction and allow Obama’s amnesty to go forward immediately.

My Comment:  Barack O’Bama takes his orders from the illuminati and their bagmen.  He does not make ANY decisions independently and if he did he would wind up like Lincoln or Kennedy. These illuminati own hundreds, if not thousands, of corporations who benefit from illegal alien work-for-pennies and want them in the US to exploit them putting the medical care, WIC costs, food stamps, section 8 housing costs on the taxpayer.  Of course these “fringe” benefits which total around $15,000 a year per person has been engineered by these same illuminati owned corporations  via their bribing lobbyists:  bribes for making favorable laws.  The economic corruption is leading to an economic collapse of horrific proportions with an American Public unaware of how bad it will be as BRICs and other nations get off the US dollar.

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