Time For America’s Blind Misguided Citizens to Join the W/E War Protest In D.C., Call Their Corrupt Congress & Biden, Stock Up on Food, and Educate/Organize Others



Mass madness overtakes

a misguided population

unprepared to deal with

the insanity of its leaders



By John Kaminski




Americans live in an outlaw nation that can no longer tell the difference between good and evil. Evidence of this insanity dominates the consciousness of frightened citizens in an overwhelming avalanche of catastrophes happening today that prove to everyone the United States is the chief cause of trauma in the world and the most dangerous threat to everyone’s future.

There can be no other mentally sound conclusion. From 1778 to 1871, the United States government entered into more than 500 treaties with the Native American tribes; all of these treaties have since been violated in some way or outright broken by the U.S. government. (Google)

America’s perfidious performance in the international arena is equally pathetic. Lured off course by robot journalists and demented politicians, the USA has lied to so many people and nations it can no longer realize it is constantly lying to itself.

Think about it . . . and while you’re thinking about it, think about the crimes your leaders continue to commit in your name. Think about that your uncritical assent and inexplicable inaction means you are both the actual victims and ultimate perpetrators of all these crimes.

So here’s what we’re up against?

• The USA has always been controlled by an international gang of foreign outlaws of one specific ethnicity. To deny this is to display both your brainwashing, your cowardice and your self sabotage.

The media, the government, the banking cartels and educational institutions, the doctors and lawyers, the military and weapons manufacturers and major business leaders are all controlled by those with no allegiance to any country but their own curdled clan.

To this unholy creed all nonmembers of their own sick fraternity can be exploited, swindled, cheated, abused and tortured without a second thought, with no legal penalty for any of the crimes they commit every day, because they totally control the legal profession and the courts.

This amoral alliance controls what America believes and how America behaves. And it is wholly responsible for the crimes America commits.

To wit:

• A unelected madman president has been deliberately trying to start World War 3 on the orders of wealthy Jews who have bribed him and his psychotic son to do exactly that.

• An extremely credible lawyer says the U.S. Department of Defense recruited all the other governments of the world as well as the vaccine makers to use toxic inoculations to murder their own populations. To deny this is to believe the lies you know you’ve been forcefed by your own government and mainstream media.

• Something stinks about the train wreck caused by the federal government’s decision to spread a deadly poison known as vinyl chloride across portions of six states. https://aim4truth.org/2023/02/13/something-stinks-about-the-east-palestine-derailment-and-hazmat-handling/ At this very moment the fatal concoction flows down the Ohio River fatally poisoning the entire heartland of America.

While you’re at it, consider all the food processing plants that have been burned down in the past year alone.

Shall I go on? It seems our lives depend on that I do.

Designated silence

• Why did all Western ambassadors leave Turkey shortly before the earthquake killed 30,000 people? What did Turkey’s vote against Sweden joining NATO have to do with the caper?

• The major media outlets — NYT, WAPO, CNN, NBC — refuse to even mention our most honored journalist has fingered our current president with the most egregious act of treason since FDR kept the knowledge of an approaching Japanese fleet from the commandant at Pearl Harbor. Why aren’t Germans more upset at the act of war by the U.S. against Germany in order to sell them natural gas at a price seven times higher than Russia was charging them?

To be clearer, why did U.S. president Joe Biden trigger World War 3 by freezing Europe to death, blowing Ukraine to bits and begging Russia to destroy the Western world for its obvious crimes.

• Opening the borders and flooding the country with surprisingly well-dressed paupers who receive more assistance from our government than existing domestic residents of the U.S. and launch crime statistics into the stratosphere. No matter where you live, hungry refugees will soon invade your home, and cops protecting rich bankers will simply be too busy to care.

• Fixing elections to assure the wishes of unelected bureaucrats take precedence over the desires of dutiful citizens who only wish to preserve the mechanisms of freedom that have benefited them in the past. These addled architects of the future plan to take away our cars and cash along with all of our freedoms.

• Law enforcement no longer prevents crimes, it only commits them; it no longer protects people, it only assaults the innocent while it absolves the guilty as media mold the minds of morons who pretend to believe what they’re being told in order not to offend their equally duped neighbors and corrupt authorities.

This is no nightmare fantasy of the type that emanates from the mottled minds of our politicians who seem entrained on establishing an inflexible Communist superstate in which logical critical thinking will simply no longer be allowed. This is the nightmare reality we all face as human society is consumed by its own fearsome and fallacious propaganda, and is utterly betrayed by the people it was taught to trust.

Who are they? Specifically doctors, bankers, legislators and pathetic preachers more interested in tax breaks than in saving souls. By name? Start with Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Anthony Fauci, who all deserve automatic death penalties for premeditated mass murder.

Ask yourself how many of your local doctors realized they were murdering patients when they ordered them to take the jabs they knew were loaded with poisonous metals.?

It seems like an incomprehensibly large mass suicide is being imposed upon us all. Why else would these series of self-destructive events have been created to not only trouble our sleep but apparently erase our future?

Now back to the top of the list.

Treason against the world

The most obvious evidence of the brain damaged mentality of the American population is its willingness to support their country’s attempt to start WW3 over a criminal situation that the U.S. itself created.

America has become infamous for this technique, having created the war against Iraq and the invasion of Afghanistan with the 9/11 caper which the U.S. itself created with the technical help of the Israeli Mossad and numerous Jewish judges.

In 2014 the neocon war machine under the direction of Barack Obama staged a faux revolution in Ukraine that enabled the U.S. to install biomedical weapons manufacturing facilities targeting Russia. This notoriously failed republic was already known for smuggling arms, white slavery, adrenochrome, fentanyl and political corruption involving U.S. politicians, and with the takeover of the Zelensky regime began murdering Russian speaking citizens of eastern Ukraine.

Russia resisted responding to these aggressions for eight years before trying to rescue its brethren, and the U.S. grabbed this opportunity to ignite this local conflict into WW3, which had been its original objective.

When legendary reporter Seymour Hersh conclusively revealed that criminal U.S. had blown up the Nordstream pipeline, it was proven that American’s senile president Joe Biden engineered this provocation from the beginning, a true crime against humanity, definitely worthy of a public execution in the most painful way possible.

The great shame of it all is that most Americans, propagandized by the Jewish media working to destabilize the world, supported these blatant warmongers, putting the whole world in jeopardy.

Plots you were afraid to believe

• According to insurance lawyer Todd Callender, military medical martial law enabled the U.S. Department of Defense to order the vaccine makers not only not to adequately test the vaccines the government (and the president) were ordering us to take. <https://www.bitchute.com/video/MgTF63G8n0S0/> but the government was defending commercial interests (vaccine makers) in an implemented model of fascism.

Callender explained: “The government merged with private corporations, and impersonated the regulators. Pfizer delivered the fraud that the government ordered.”



Just now Dr. Ana Mihalcea told interviewer Maria Zeee: “We have to expand our thinking. If you just listen to mainstream frontline freedom doctors, you don’t know anything.”

“It’s s myth that the unvaccinated are not at risk.”

“There is mass genocide happening from all these injections, and it’s not an accident,” added Ms. Zeee. https://rumble.com/v29oksg-live-8-uncensored-maria-zeee-rages-uninjected-have-same-nanotech-clots-grap.html?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

In other news . . .

Considering the fact that there have been two other massive railroad accidents this week, involving derailed trains carrying toxic chemicals in Splendora, TX and Enoree, SC, on top of the 96 food facilities burnt to the ground since Joe Biden took office, are we ready for the public conversation that United States citizens are under attack?

My friends over at American Intelligence Media say something stinks

<https://aim4truth.org/2023/02/13/something-stinks-about-the-east-palestine-derailment-and-hazmat-handling/> about the derailment. They think this event may be a harbinger of the dread internet shutdown we’ve been warned about for years, noting that internet fiber trunk lines, wherever possible, are embedded under railroad rights of way and that, “Rail derailments are a sneaky way to selectively shut down digital communications,” in this case, AT&T service throughout the State of Ohio. They also ask whether the derailment is a simulation for bankers

<https://aim4truth.org/2023/02/13/was-east-palestine-a-disaster-simulation-for-bankers-to-install-esg/> who are working to shut down businesses by fabricating disasters to install ESG (?)

(ESG is the warped new path to our robot future.)

America has repeatedly muffed its chance to lead the world toward peace by constantly leading it toward war. The karma of its constant lies will be so profound that everyone in it can expect to be dead in a very short period of time, and their deaths will be richly deserved.

The saddest part of all is that we will not be killed by our enemies but by those who pretended to be our friends, our leaders and our teachers.

This is the cause of our needless deaths.

Rudolf Steiner: The karma of untruthfulness


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.









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