Looks Like a Gwen Stefani MakeUp Job; Works For Transgender Too Transforming Him From an Average Ordinary He to A Gorgeous “SHE”

Comment: We are being Socially Engineered by Our Criminal Owned Media Into He-Shes and then TRANSHUMANISM BUT TRANNIES FIRST THEN TRANSHUMANISM.

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If You’re not a cabal member you do not make it in Hollywood or D.C.-General Rule Although There Are Exceptions. She appears to have the V shaped Adonis Belt and Male Jawline.

Women have a rounded jaw and more oval face.
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Here is a typical Woman’s Forehead:

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Rounded forehead of a normal woman.

Comment: Likely Most Banana Body Shapes are of Transgenders…just my opinion. This body does not have curves so it cannot be called an ideal body shape for women.

Singer Gwen Stefani | Body Measurements


Jun 29, 2021 · Gwen Stefani is famous American singer with gorgeous figure. She has banana body type with flat toned stomach. 

She has had Breast Implants:

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And Nose Job: Nose on Left looks far larger and wider at the base.

Nose job

Nose of Gwen Stefani was bulbous previously. But, now she has a much slimmer and tenderer nose which has increased her beauty to a great extent. It is assumed that she had gone through the rhinoplasty procedure to reshape her nose.

Gwen Stefani before and after plastic surgery

Breast Implants

The most remarkable and noticeable surgical change in Gwen Stefani’s body is her breast implants. She used to have small sized breasts which were almost unnoticeable. But, look now; it is totally different and explicit. Now, she has more round and larger breasts than the previous time. Her breast size was 32B cup previously. But, now the breasts of her have turned into 32C size. It is presumed that she has enlarged her breast through breasts augmentation procedure. It also may happen that her breasts have been enlarged naturally with the births of her children. There is also a fair possibility that she uses breast cutlet inserts only to make them look larger. Whatever the situation is – her appearance has changed a lot with these breasts enhancements and now, she looks hotter and sexier than all time.

Masculine Abs.

Stefani’s husband Gavin Rossdale was involved with another man before her.


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Gavin Rossdale’s male lover pictured.

Gwen Stefani in wedding dress is straight up and down.

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