Germany is a Colony; That’s Why the U.S. Has Bases There!

Germany’s foreign minister admits Germany is at war with Russia in a stunning statement. German Chancellor Scholz just did an about-face and caved to western pressure by sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine. President Biden is sending an entire battalion of Abrams tanks to Ukraine. This does not end well.

Comment:  The British Rothschilds and Royals as part of the British Empire want this war and this is who the U.S. (as their colony) fights wars for.  The Rothschilds are intermarried with The Royals….this book needs to have the British Royals on the cover too but due to Treason laws in U.K. the writer would be put to death if he put the Royals on the cover.  U.S. is symbolized in the Lord of the Rings as Mordor.

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