ALL U.S. Presidents Are Video’d Having Sex With Children Or Even Sacrificing Children By Intelligence Agencies/Catholic Church

ALL US presidents are compromised via video of them either sacrificing kids or having sex with one.  This is the claim of both A Political Activist and a Conspiracy “Theorist”  or maybe more accurately a Conspiracy FACTIST.  This is why I don’t believe in our Presidents Or System.  All Politicians are Owned by a Crime Cabal aka British Empire. At 36 Minutes in link below Ronald Bernard was told to Sacrifice a child for UNIMAGINABLE WEALTH or being promoted by the Banksters he worked with.  Think it is any different for U.S. Presidents?  It Is not.  I know deluded Americans have loved their child rapist Presidents.  It is time to wake up.  The U.S. is missing 800,000 to ONE MILLION CHILDREN A YEAR!  85,000 children are missing from the Mexican-Texas Border.  8 MILLION children a year go missing in the majority of countries hosting Military U.S. Bases.  Wake Up!  The FBI WILL NOT keep a Database on Missing Children.  The CIA is actively kidnapping and trafficking children.  To whom?  Our Politicians and Foreign Leaders.

The plan to make Israel the center of a one world government

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