Free School Lunch in Deep Southern State vs Demonrat Michelle O’Bama’s Starvation Diet

gulf shores school news

Worst School lunches ever under Michelle O’Bama.  Alabama’s school lunches look delicious by comparison. I could eat it too.  lol  Healthy Americans will create a Healthy America!  Pictured below, Michelle O’Bama’s horrible lunch compared to a normal lunch:

If the Demonrat Mr. Michael O’Bama ever gets in to the Presidency Expect Medicare, Medicaid Cuts, Social Security Cuts, Pension Cuts, and School Lunch Cuts while the Demonrat Mr Michael O’Bama, Trannie, lives an Opulent Lifestyle.  The O’Bamas should be locked up for all their corruption and then fed their Own School Lunches for Punishment!

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