A Great Light Unto the World Has Died; RIP Janet Ossebaard


Comment:  Although she did pretty good research I totally DISAGREE with her conclusions that we can rely on the Alphabet Agencies:  CIA, FBI, DIA, NSA to be now Free of Corruption.  They are all as corrupt as EVER.  Our Gov’t is corrupt from top to bottom, from Presidents to the Local Levels.  Relying on Q which I believe to be Military Intelligence is a trap.  Janet Ossebaarn I believe got into real trouble with the expose she did of UN top leaders raping boys at Casa Bambini.  The Odyssey video on this page is what turned up the heat on her:


Comment:  People will not believe it but Trump Is Deep State.  He not only worked with the Mafia in NY but his father a Freemason ran a string of massage parlors (prostitutes) in the NorthWest and Alaska.  Their money was made by Crime.  The BIG Connection you cannot ignore is how Donald’s mentor is Roy Cohn a Pimp for CIA Trafficked children.   This links The Donald DIRECTLY to a CIA child Trafficker.  Also, it can’t be ignored that Ivana Trump was a Scout for Epstein who also worked with the CIA & Mossad.  I think Trump himself is a PsyOp and IS the Deep State.  He may have made mass arrests of low level network pedophiles but the top ones who sadistically rape and murder children are still untouched-the CIA.

Cohn’s job was to run the little boys. Say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman, who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn’s job was to set them up, then they would go along.  Comment:  meaning getting incriminating photos/videos of that Mark with a young child having sex.


Above link has a lot of good information in it mainly that INTELLIGENCE ran the child sex rings in these homes. Feature picture is M16 Building or British Intelligence which is very linked with the CIA.

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