Green Policies Hoax and Climate Hoax = Death of Humanity!


By The Unhived Mind – 3rd July 2017

In relation to: Germany breaks green energy record with 35% of power from renewable sources

Germany and Japan are both vassals of New Venice (Britain) and this has been the case since the end of World War II from 1945 onwards. The New Venice attack on Japan back in 3/11 with Fukushima was conducted by its Israeli gang using Magma BSP to destroy the Fukushima nuclear power plant which was then blamed on the less than impressive Earthquake created by these rogue forces as the cover/diversion for this third nuclear attack on the nation of Japan. Why? Many reasons including enriching uranium for Iran and aiding the possibility of a petro-yuan with China. What was the result? The Worshipful Company of Fuellers managed to blackmail Japan into turning off all of their many nuclear power plants and instead buying black gold oil. On top of this nuclear energy was demonized across the world and ever since we now see scaremongering about dumping nuclear energy. Why? Nuclear energy has the potential to dramatically help increase populations and quality of life just as was known and bragged about when it was first introduced to the public.  (My Comment:  illuminutti love to milk Japanese for their money.)

The Club of Rome wishes for population reduction and so all the major energy sources have to be demonized whether it be by emissions, radiation and events like Fukushima. The Club of Rome branch of the New Venice Empire have hindered expansion on the nuclear sciences in order to make sure that nuclear fusion is never created. Why would they do such a thing as hide and hinder progression? If we find nuclear fusion then we’ll have a virtually unlimited amount of energy on tap which will seriously aid the progression and future of mankind and which will include space programs and the mining of helium-3 raising the energy flux density. This is why we need the BRICS Promethean faction to win this war against the Aristotelian scum of the West tied to the Talmudic worshippers of El. Only the Prometheans will allow mankind to use the true sciences and raise the technology bar to levels people just wouldn’t comprehend right now.

Germany will soon be loaded with high energy costs for all this renewable backward crap like Australia where it’s now fifty cents for just one kilowatt. All this was known once New Venice starting hinting at this renewable crap and the best of it is that it has all been done based on false science and lies of man-made climate-change in order to move people to a new religion of worship (climate) and both a new level of economic piracy (carbon tax) and population reductions (sustainable development/UN Agenda 21) and controls. When nuclear energy came out we should have had and still have cheap electricity today. Even if you were given cheap electricity the Talmudic central banks would devalue your currency through quantitative easing etc which raises the cost out your pocket of even cheap power. We see this currency value problem happens today as oil prices dramatically drop we see no benefit because the currency is loosing its value. Why is all this happening? It’s the Trans-Atlantic New Venice monetary piracy based on debt instead of the great old American System based on Federal Credit and Alexander Hamilton’s work.



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