Lahaina by Jim Stone (


It is hard to decide what topic is most important now, Lahaina or a recently released report by TASS which expressed extreme irritation in the Russian governmennt towards America for running biolabs and releasing diseases on purpose. First Lahaina.

I have been through piles and piles of material on Lahaina. Here are the bullet points on what happened there.

1. Power lines did not start the fire.
2. The hurricane did not produce the perfect wind, I strongly suspect a weather warfare system did.
3. The fire was arson, and even if it was not additionally lit once it reached Lahina, (it was) but even if that was not done, I think the weather warfare system alone would have done a comparable job.
4. It is absolutely obvious that the fire was re-spawned where needed (to ensure complete destruction where wanted) by a space based laser, which was probably recently launched by Nasa. I am typing this offline so I can’t look it up right now, but recently Nasa launched an enormous rocket and I 100 percent believe it launched a weapons platform that will be used to spark fires everywhere.

5. The police did indeed blockade people into Lahina to get the death count as high as possible. Not all of the police were in on this, there were normal cops in with the fire telling people to evacuate and guiding traffic while the rogue cops were keenly placed perfectly to trap everyone and force them to burn to death. Who was in charge of it all? The same police chief that oversaw the Vegas police force during the Harvest Festival shooting in Vegas. FIGURE THE ODDS, that puzzle piece alone is 100 percent proof both the Harvest Festival and Lahina were government ops.
6. Lahina was burned for the sole purpose of taking the land, which is why the police barricaded people in. The so-called elite wanted to take the ancestral lands from Hawaiians who were sitting on it indefinitely via contracts with the U.S. government that in effect made the land a protected “indian reservation” for as long as the locals did not sell it off. They were refusing to sell it off. And with many many many ancestries now wiped out, the land is there for the taking.
7. It is a hard reality that not a single private property owned by the island’s Jewish inhabitants burned. Not ONE, not ONE SINGLE elitist propety burned, even though there were plenty RIGHT THERE.
8. Prior to the fire, the WEF singled out Lahina to be re-built as a smart 15 minute city. And the WEF wanted all of Maui to be a “smart island” Therefore, the existing infrastructure was very inconvenient.
9.The elite have expressed concern about Martha’s vineyard being too close to the mainland, and about the seasonably cold climate. They want a different Island to hide out on while they burn the world, and Maui fits the bill perfectly.

The above bullet points are certified fact. From these points, here is the story.

Lahaina was burned by the elite who want to take Maui and convert it into a playground sanctuary. They want the population dead and faked a disaster to accomplish that. Most likely they used a recently deployed weapons platform sent up by NASA on “the largest rocket ever launched”, a weapons platform that probably also sparked the fires in Greece, Turkey and Canada. It will be used to fake “climate change” – a well known hoax which they are now blaming the wildfires on. With this weapons platform they’ll have no problems eliminating “competition and inconvenience” wherever it is, whether it be a car on the highway that “mysteriously caught fire and immediately exploded, killing everyone”, a rebel hideout in the wilderness, or the home of an inconvenient doctor that suddenly simply had an instantaneous fully involved fire in their home that left zero time for anyone to evacuate.

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